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Consultation on draft London Plan

Dear Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum member,

Residents are urged to respond to the GLA’s consultation on the draft London Plan.  The draft London Plan is already a material consideration and will have considerable influence over Camden’s planning policies.

The new London Plan aims to accommodate housing growth of 65,000 new dwellings per annum until 2030.  This compares with the delivery of 44,000 new dwellings in London in 2017. The allocation for Camden is 10,860 new homes over the next ten years.

It is envisaged that 24,500 homes per year will be built at small sites of up to 0.25 hectares, that are capable of accommodating 1 to 25 units.  High density development is expected and boroughs will need to identify locations for tall buildings.  Transport hubs and town centres (eg Hampstead, West Hampstead and Swiss Cottage / Finchley Road) and areas within 800 metres of a tube station will be subject to densification, including building extensions, demolition of existing buildings for redevelopment  and infill development.  Planning permission will be refused for developments that do not clearly maximise housing density.

New developments with good access to public transport will be car-free and, by 2041, it is targeted that 80% of journeys will be made by active transport (walking, cycling and public transport).

Green infrastructure is to be protected, with an aspiration for London’s green cover to be increased from 47% to 50% by 2050.  Major development proposals will need to include urban greening measures (green roofs and walls and nature-based sustainable drainage).

Boroughs will be required to identify and address nature-deficient areas, defined as being more than 1 km walking distance from an accessible Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (such as the former King’s College gardens in Kidderpore Avenue)

Land designated as Metropolitan Open Land, including Hampstead Heath and the Heath Extension) is to be protected, but a provision for land swaps is introduced.

Many of these policies have ramifications for the Redington Frognal area and it is important that residents should respond to the London Plan Consultation by 5 pm on Friday March 2nd.

Responses can be submitted on line at:

or by email to:  
It is important to write “Draft New London Plan” in the subject line.  You must also provide your name, your email address and your postal address.

Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a suggested response, which you may wish to adapt.