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CIL Funding

What is CIL Funding?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge which raises funds to be spent on local community projects. It was introduced by the Planning Act 2008 as a mechanism for local authorities to provide or improve infrastructure that will support the development of a local area. In areas with a Neighbourhood Plan, such as the Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan, the neighbourhood is entitled to 25% of CIL revenues raised from planning consents granted for development in the plan area.

The local authority is required by law to consult with the community on how this money is allocated. CIL revenues are to be spent on the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure, or anything else that is concerned with addressing demands that development places on an area.

Approved Frognal and Fitzjohn’s LCIL Projects

Camden’s list of approved LCIL projects is published at:

Camden’s LCIL suggestions map closed on November 16th 2018:

The RedFrog survey of potential CIL projects closed on 9 November 2018:

Pending projects supported by RedFrog surveys, the Forum CIL Committee and RedFrog Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum version) policy CF 2 are:
• LCIL 037 Arkwright Road repaving
• LCIL 040 Croft Way and Bracknell Way refurbishment
• LCIL 041 Tiled street name signage in RedFrog Conservation Area
• LCIL 042 Branch Hill Pond and Lost Rivers
• LCIL 043 Arkwright Road traffic calming
• LCIL 067a Pocket park – junction Frognal and Finchley Road
• LCIL 266 Plastic litter bins replacement with cast iron heritage bins
• LCIL 267 Frognal Lane replacement railings.


The NPPF (para.175) states that the Local Community Infrastructure Levy (LCIL) should
“Place control over a meaningful proportion of the funds raised with the neighbourhoods where development takes place”.

In areas with approved Neighbourhood Plans, the government has resolved that a minimum of 25% of LCIL money is to be spent within the Area. In accordance with this, the Forum strongly encourages Camden Council to use this Plan as the basis for allocating LCIL money in this Area.

The availability of LCIL revenues presents an opportunity for the Neighbourhood Forum to implement community infrastructure facilities in fulfilment of Redington Frognal’s Vision, Objectives and Aims. The 2015 Vision, Objectives and Aims Survey is included as Evidence Base Document (132).

The policy sets out preferences for use of Local Community Infrastructure Levy money and should be taken into account by the local planning authority in deciding how to allocate such funds.