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Policies development

Development of the Neighbourhood Plan


14.01.14  Meeting with Camden and Locality
Following a survey undertaken to set out the case for developing a Neighbourhood Plan, more than 2,000 flyers were printed and delivered to every letterbox within the Redfrog area.

02.03.14  Boundaries consultation meeting 
Some 93 people attended a meeting on the proposed boundaries.

01.05.14  First Forum meeting
The meeting was attended by respondents to the online survey and the consultation meeting. Attendees were presented with a draft constitution, together with results of the initial on-line survey.  A draft constitution was proposed and approved unanimously.

04.09.14  Follow-up Forum meeting
Camden officers submitted a recommendation for approval of both the boundaries application and the Forum designation.  This was supported by representations from members and approved by Camden on 05.09.14.

A Vision and Objectives Statement had been drafted and delivered to all letterboxes for consideration at the Forum meeting.  An initial online survey was developed and 146 responses had been received by June 2014.

Between 23.06.14  and 10.09.14 much activity was going on including the recruitment of architectural students to undertake the fieldwork to update the CA appraisal for Sub-Area 3.  The work was presented to Camden’s Conservation Officer, on 11.08.14.  Work on updating CA Statement and Guidelines was in abeyance over winter months.  It was proposed to be resumed in April 2015.

10.09.14  Meeting with Camden’s Nature Conservation Officer
In order to receive guidance on relevant LDF policies.


15.03.15  Forum meeting and launch of Vision & Objectives brochure
Discussion of the Vision & Objectives Survey, Camden’s draft Local Plan and need for help with updating Redfrog Conservation Area Statement.
The Vision & Objectives document is available here: RedFrog Vision&Objectives

14.11.15  Launch of Redington Frognal Heritage and Character Assessment Produced by AECOM (September 2015), and launched at a Quennell social Event.


02.16 Beginning to draft the Policies
Create Streets were commissioned to develop the first draft. Their outline of the brief is available here: Create Streets site visit 17.2.16

13.06.16 Presentation by Create Streets and AGM
Presentation of the first draft of Policies was made at the Neighbourhood Forum AGM. A pdf of this document is available here (please note it is a large file not yet optimised for download):
RedFrog Draft Policies – June 13 Presentation FINAL

14.07.16 Informal public survey of draft Policies
Meeting held at JW3, Finchley Road.
Draft Policy comments received by email;
Survey Monkey Analyze Redington Frognal Draft Policies are available here: SurveyMonkey Analyze – Redington Frognal – Draft Neighbourhood Plan Policies – redacted
Paper comments July 2016 are available here (please note it is a large file not yet optimised for download): Paper comments_0716 – redacted

07.11.16 Camden Arts Centre accepted as Asset of Community Value.
The Neighbourhood Forum received notification that its nomination of Camden Arts Centre as an Asset of Community Value had been accepted. This was reported in a press release published by the Ham & High on 8.12.16.

Camden Arts Centre and its garden is one of the very few community assets within the Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan Area. Its importance to the community is also recognised in the Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan CF Policy to preserve and enhance Community Facilities.

“This is testament to the role of RedFrog in preserving and protecting the cultural and environmental assets in the area. The ACV policy notes the importance of Camden Arts Centre and its role in hosting an acclaimed programme of exhibitions.” Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum chairman Rupert Terry.


March 2017
The first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan Policies was submitted to Camden.  Policies were developed for:

  • Housing and Development
  • Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure
  • Development Sites
  • Local Character
  • Community Facilities

together with an Aspiration for the TfL-owned Finchley Road.

Policies on Basements, Construction Management Plans and Air Quality, Sustainable Transport were unsuccessful at this time, due to:

  • the inability to obtain evidence of basement damage within Redington Frognal and a general lack of justification
  • the failure to add value to existing national and London-wide policies and Camden planning guidance
  • conflict between the Sustainable Transport and Camden’s 2017 Local Plan policies.

May 2017
Informal feedback on the draft Policies was received from Camden, leading to a substantial re-write.

June 2017
A meeting was held with TfL’s Planning Department, to discuss the Forum’s aspirations for Finchley Road. Advice was provided on incorporating TfL policies, in order to develop a policy for Finchley Road, which is capable of being supported by TfL.

July 2017
New information was obtained to enable a key aspirational development site to be designated an aspirational development site.

August 2017
Finalisation of evidence base formatting and presentation for further comment by Camden.

Grant Funding was secured for a Neighbourhood Plan health check to be undertaken by AECOM.

September 2017: Neighbourhood Forum AGM 7th September 2017
New Executive and Management Committee elected.

12.09.17 Attendance at Planning Inspectorate appeal against the non-determination of Linton Group’s application to demolish 28 Redington Road (designated a positive contributor to the Redington Frognal Conservation Area). The appeal was dismissed and planning permission refused.

October 2017-January 2018: Preparation and submission of CIL Projects


April 2018: Neighbourhood Plan Progress and Path Ahead to Referendum

Fifth Draft of Policies, Plan Health Check and Evidence Base Review
A fifth draft of the proposed neighbourhood plan policies was submitted to Camden for further comment.  Following receipt of feedback, a Plan Health Check and Evidence Base Review is to be carried out by AECOM.

Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation and Consultation Statement
This will then be followed by the six-week Pre-Submission Consultation, as required by Regulation 14 of the neighbourhood planning Regulations.  Any comments received by the end of the consultation period will be considered conscientiously by the Forum Committee. Comments received will be summarised, along with any actions taken in response to the issues raised. This record will then be incorporated into the Consultation Statement, along with a summary of previous community engagement and consultation, the main outcomes and how this informed the content of the Plan.

Examination by Camden and Regulation 16 Publicity
The Plan will then be formally submitted to Camden for examination. Following examination by Camden, the Camden will publicise the Plan for a six-week period, as required under Regulation 16 of the neighbourhood planning Regulations.

Independent Examination and Referendum
An independent examiner will then assess the Plan and supporting documentation and decide whether it can progress to Referendum.

Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan Policies
The Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan now comprises the following policies:

  • Building and Design
  • Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure
  • Cultural,Leisure, Tertiary Education and Community Facilities
  • Underground Water Features and Basement Excavation
  • Aspirational Development Sites
  • Finchley Road: Residential and Retail Environment

These draft policies will be uploaded onto a new Forum website (under construction), following completion of the AECOM Health Check and Evidence Base Review, along with the Evidence Base of some 60 reports and documents.

07.18 Pre AECOM Health Check and Evidence Base Review Policies
The Pre AECOM health Check document is available here: Pre AECOM Health Check version,July 2018

28.10.18 Post AECOM Health Check and Evidence Base Review Policies
These are available for download at:

28.10.18 Forum AGM, Public Meeting and Underground Rivers Presentation
Details currently on the homepage (November 2018).