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Vision and Objectives

The Vision and Objectives Statement has been used to inform and shape the development of the Neighbourhood Plan policies.

We seek a future for the RedFrog Neighbourhood which preserves its green character and continues to serve as an area available to a wide range of family types and ages who live here rather than invest here. We believe that the RedFrog neighbourhood should celebrate its heritage and history and should continue to be a delightful area for anyone to stroll and enjoy.

Our 6 Objectives are:

  1. To preserve and enhance RedFrog characteristics as a picturesque Edwardian suburb with a diverse population
  2. Protecting and improving green space and bio-diversity
  3. The enhancement of the Environment of Finchley Road
  4. Identifying areas for growth of new homes, with community facilities to support home working
  5. Maintaining and promoting the area as Centre for Tertiary Education the Arts and Culture
  6. Basement Excavation – ensuring that basement development does not impact local hydrology or cause damage to neighbouring properties.

The Vision and Objectives are outlined in a leaflet available here:
RedFrog Vision&Objectives

Please see link below for results of a Vision and Objectives Survey conducted in October 2014.  The Survey was completed by 175 respondents with 75% supporting the Vision and Objectives.  Among the supporters 65% agreed strongly with the Vision and Objectives. (Please note this download is in pptx format)

The following are available to download as pdfs:

Neighbourhood Plan Objectives Survey, February-March 2014

RedFrog Vision and Objectives Brochure, February 2015

Vision & Objectives Survey – March-October 2015

RedFrog Vision and Objectives Brochure, February 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Objectives Survey, February-March 2014