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Neighbourhood Plan News

Neighbourhood Plan Progress and Path Ahead to Referendum

Fifth Draft of Policies, Plan Health Check and Evidence Base Review
A fifth draft of the proposed neighbourhood plan policies has been submitted to Camden for further comment.  Following receipt of feedback, a Plan Health Check and Evidence Base Review will be carried out by AECOM.

This is likely to lead to further drafting iterations.

Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation and Consultation Statement
This will then be followed by the six-week Pre-Submission Consultation, as required by Regulation 14 of the neighbourhood planning Regulations. Any comments received by the end of the consultation period will be considered conscientiously by the Forum Committee. Comments received will be summarised, along with any actions taken in response to the issues raised. This record will then be incorporated into the Consultation Statement, along with a summary of previous community engagement and consultation, the main outcomes and how this informed the content of the Plan.

Examination by Camden and Regulation 16 Publicity
The Plan will then be formally submitted to Camden for examination.

Following examination by Camden, the Camden will publicise the Plan for a six-week period, as required under Regulation 16 of the neighbourhood planning Regulations.

Independent Examination and Referendum
An independent examiner will then assess the Plan and supporting documentation and decide whether it can progress to Referendum.

Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan Policies
The Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Plan comprises the following policies:

  • Housing and Development
  • Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure
  • Community Facilities
  • Underground Water Features and Basement Development
  • Aspirational Development Sites
  • Finchley Road.

These draft policies will be uploaded onto a new Forum website (currently under construction), following completion of the AECOM Health Check and Evidence Base Review, along with the Evidence Base of some 60 reports and documents.

To see Draft Policies as at April 2018  see Neighbourhood Plan & Policies section of Menu